Migrants, Institutions, Translations Easy-read Law

This research project examines a series of texts and documents used in procedures and services for immigrants. The study will focus on certain document types to be used as prototypical examples of inefficient communication or, to the contrary, documents that serve a practical use for  communication among host country public institutions, legal systems, and immigrants.

The ultimate aim of the project is to create a corpus of standardised administrative forms and documents in digital formats that can serve as models. These documents will be created in the Italian language and in select non-EU languages spoken by recent arrivals (Arabic, Albanian, etc.).

The project aims to promote activities that recognise people and their needs as the main actors in administrative processes, safeguarding their social integration and ultimately their human rights.

Francesco Romano

Chiara Fioravanti
Giulia Venturi
Sebastiano Faro

Università del Salento
Università di Bari
Università di Roma TRE

settembre 2023 –
settembre 2025

Bando PRIN 2022

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