28 Agosto 2023


The annual IFIP EGOV2023 will be hosted on 5-7 September 2023 in Budapest by the Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary.

The conference focuses on e-Government, Digital Government, Open Government, Smart Government, GovTech, eParticipation and e-Democracy.

Conference Website:

Chiara Fioravanti, researcher at IGSG, will participate in the conference with a paper titled “Designing visual diagrams to explain how to access public online services to vulnerable audiences: insights from a field experience in Italy”.
Abstract: Accessing online services provided by the public administration is now essential to fully participate in the life of modern societies. For some categories of users, however, this can be a complex task especially if they face language, cultural or digital barriers. These users can be supported by informational materials that explain in a simple way how to use these online services. This article describes a field experience in which visual diagrams were created as an information support for accessing public digital services for employment, training, health and public transportation. The activity was conducted according to a user-centered design approach that involved domain stakeholders and the target users – migrants who recently immigrated to Italy (considered “extreme users” in this scenario) – through user testing that gained insights that might also prove to be beneficial for other vulnerable users.

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